E.V.A. material

The extraordinary characteristics of the material E.V.A., which is short for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, exceed those of many other materials that might look the same, but are not. The most common material used for fenders and buffers such as rubber, PVC or polyethylene are less effective and durable than E.V.A. 

All InMare fenders are made of a foamed EVA with the the air captured inside the foamed material. This means the fenders do not have any air chambers and thus can never deflate.

E.V.A. is a very durable material and is often applied in products that demand the highest quality, especially when it comes to durability. A good example of this is the use of EVA in the soles of most Sport shoes where the material is exposed to the highest loads over a very long period.

E.V.A. is UV- Radiation resistant, Fresh and Sea water resistant, and does not harden out like other plastics


InMare fender have been tested thoroughly on both durability and effectiveness. Kinetic energy of waves and wind are absorbed progressively making sure your boat will be safe.Together with the close cooperation between InMare and several nautical companies, this has resulted in the best fenders available. 

The brand InMare is now internationally registered and recognized and it's products are used all over the globe by many mostly satisfied customers.