MARCAPELLI was born out of passion for water sports. Our goal is to offer innovative new products for both the professional and the recreational market.

During the last years many new developments and techniques emerged and became available to new products and applications. The nautical industry seems to hang on to traditions and conservation of existing products and ideas. New products are sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that new materials often have obvious advantages over the older ones.

A good example is the marine fenders of InMare that MARCAPELLI import for you from Italy. A marine fender does not need to look like a PVC drainpipe. New materials create new solutions.

Home shopping via a web shop should be simple, inexpensive and safe. MARCAPELLI is committed to do this for you as a consumer with the highest service level. So with Marcapelli you do not pay for small order costs. You can pay securely online through your own bank with iDeal or PayPal or if you prefer, you can pay via bank transfer.

For marinas and new construction projects around the water, MARCAPELLI offers a free and non-binding advice to those who like the construction to be safer and more luxurious.

Because we always want to improve, we really want to hear your response to Marcapelli and our site.

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