Environmentally friendly

Safe for your environment
All INMARE fenders are made of E.V.A. and do not contain any chlorine components making them safe for animals, plants and humans: your environment.


100% Recyclable

The compound EVA is a vinyl but it is not a PVC which means it does not contain any chlorine. Especially chlorine compounds are a very heavy burden on the environment. They influence and damage most living organisms.

E.V.A., that stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, is such a friendly material that it is also called 'the green polymer'.


If the very durable INMARE fender ever has to be replaced after many, many years of loyal service, MARCAPELLI can guarantee you the product will be a 100%  recycled when you return it to us.

Every INMARE fender is made from the best materials with the highest quality that will last many years and will provide you the very best protection for your precious boat, yacht, pontoon or pier.