OceanLed XP16


XP16 Extreme Pro Series

Create an impressive lighting ambiance below the water with the NEW Xtreme Pro Series from OceanLED.
The new Xtreme Pro Series has a higher lumen output than previous models with a sleek 316L stainless steel bezel design and robust body which is highly impact resistant.
Exceptionally easy to install on the transom or hull. Maintenance is easy due to its Tritonium™ coating (available on all OceanLED lights); just wipe away marine growth.
Built-in driver, ultra low power draw, no start-up current required, reverse polarity protection. Suitable for all types of hulls.
The XP8 and XP16 are available in ‘Colours’ color-change models which allow the user to cycle smoothly between red, green, blue and white and choose virtually any color to display.


XP16 specs:

  • 5800 Lumens
  • 4500 Fixture Lumens
  • Robust body design
  • 316L Stainless Steel bezel
  • 1/2” (12.5mm) Hole in Hull
  • Equal to Some 150W HIDs
  • 12/24V DC
  • 40,000+ Hour Life
  • Chemically Resistant Polymer
  • Twin Core Wire
  • Factory Sealed Unit


Afmetingen: 0 cm x 0 cm x 0 cm
Garantie: 1 Jaar
Levertijd: Langer dan 1 week
Prijs inclusief BTW: € 776,00