OceanLed XP4


XP4 Extreme Pro Series

Create an impressive lighting ambiance below the water with the NEW Xtreme

Pro Series from OceanLED.

The new Xtreme Pro Series has a higher lumen output than previous models with a sleek 316L stainless steel bezel design and robust body which is highly impact resistant.

Exceptionally easy to install on the transom or hull. Maintenance is easy due to its Tritonium™ coating (available on all OceanLED lights); just wipe way marine growth.

Built-in driver, ultra low power draw, no start-up current required, reverse polarity protection. Suitable for all types of hulls.
The XP8 and XP16 are available in ‘Colours’ color-change models which allow the user to cycle smoothly between red, green, blue and white and choose virtually any color to display.

Xtreme Pro Series lights are designed for underwater use on boats. For above water use choose the Xtreme Trailer Series models. Not intended for use as Dock Lighting; please see our Dock Light Series.


XP4 specs:

  • 1450 Lumens
  • 1150 Fixture Lumens
  • Robust body design
  • NEW 316L Stainless Steel bezel
  • 1/2” (12.5mm) Hole in Hull
  • Equal to Some 35W Xenons
  • 12/24V DC
  • 40,000+ Hour Life
  • Chemically Resistant Polymer
  • Twin Core Wire
  • Factory Sealed Unit


Afmetingen: 0 cm x 0 cm x 0 cm
Garantie: 1 Jaar
Levertijd: Langer dan 1 week
Prijs inclusief BTW: € 189,00